Our Story

“We’re two normal people, just with huge dreams and a crazy work ethic.”

In 2014 we were introduced to a simple business opportunity by a friend. Despite not knowing much about it at the time, we didn’t expect that saying yes to this opportunity would lead to such a transformation in the course of our lives.

Mary taught Dance and Musical Theatre in a further education college, she was able to leave that job in 2017 thanks to our business. Ben also works part time on two other online business ventures. We’ve travelled to some incredible places, we’ve met and now work with an awesome tribe of positive, passionate people. We have time to enjoy our lives rather than constantly having to work. We’ve learnt so much about ourselves and the strategies for living a fulfilled, abundant and happy life, this opportunity has made that possible.

Now it’s our mission to share these life changing insights with you and help you to live an extraordinary life by your own design.

There’s two things you’ll need; a burning desire to change and a willingness to take action on those desires.

This could be the start of a very different future for you.

Ben & Mary.

Years of


We’ve made lots of mistakes,
had successes and failures,
we now know what works!

Our Philosophy:

Philosophy 01

Listen First

We want to understand your situation and your goals, then we’ll know if our business could be a solution for you.

Philosophy 02


We’ll be 100% honest and authentic with you from day one. Your best interests are a priority for us.

Philosophy 03


We’re givers by nature, we have a gift to share and there’s no lengths we won’t go to to help others succeed.

Philosophy 04


How boring would life be if we couldn’t have fun? We blur the lines between business and pleasure.